Ready for summer adventures? Go on a playcation with schleich®

Find fun activities for road trips, summer party ideas, and more to help make this summer memorable.

What if...

Parents didn't have to work so hard to fill kids' days all summer long?

What if FUN + DISCOVERY, CELEBRATION + CURIOSITY could be...just...easy?

Screen-Free Travel Activities for Kids

Creative ideas to entertain kids while you’re on the road (or in the air…or on a boat…)

Screen-Free Backyard Activities for Kids

Take an expedition to adventure...explore outdoor play ideas that capture the call of the wild.

Create a Kids Party with schleich®!

Throw a party your kids will remember forever...check out these FUNtastic ideas from parents with a gift for party planning.

Fun DIY Kids Projects for Learning with Toys

Take a vacation from the classroom! With these play-powered ideas from parents like you, the toys are the teachers and learning is fun.

Spellbinding Ways Kids Can Use Toys in Magic Tricks

Magic! Worlds of wonder! These parents (and kids!) share fun and simple ideas for an enchanting summer.

Toys as Storytelling Aids

Storytelling tips to let kids' imaginations run wild...with a little help from your favorite schleich characters and sets.

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