Spare parts

We are happy to help you!

At schleich®, we create our figures with a lot of passion and love.

They go through many testing hands before they set off on their journey to you. Unfortunately, it can happen that they have a more strenuous journey to you and therefore already suffer clear signs of wear on the journey or in your jolly play. We are happy to be at your disposal here for you and your concerns.

 We guarantee successful play with your figures for up to three years.

Tragic battles with sea monsters, a long march through dry deserts, shivering as they lie in wait in the icy cold – we can’t tell what our figures will go through in our customers’ playworlds. They might end up in a washing machine, sandbox, or fridge. Kids will definitely have no end of fun playing with them.

 This does mean we can’t provide replacements for schleich® products that were bought second-hand or for lost parts.

Request a spare part

For inquiries about defective or missing parts you can use our prepared form. Please include a picture of the defective product so that we can process your request as soon as possible.

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